International Investment and Trade Promotion Company


International Investment and Consulting in the Persian Gulf countries
Import & Export to all countries of the world
Investment on Oil, gas and petrochemicals, Supply of raw materials for factories and production units, Supply of grains and livestock inputs
International Transportation services by Sea, Air, Road and Rail

About Us

International Investment and trade Promotion Abu Taha & Yasin Company is business and specialized consulting company based in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE .

Our consultants will provide you their expertise according to the latest economic and political change in the World.

Why TAHA and YASIN Co?

Consists of Economic Elite Teams
Innovative and Industrial Approach
Integrated dedicated services
Access to the Persian Gulf Market

We are Ready to Cooperate

Are you a manufacturer and intend to export? We will help you in this regard

Are you an Importer? We will help you in this regard